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The fashion photography is a part of advertising photography has become a genre in itself worthy of mention.
Fashion photography floods us every day from the press, magazines, canopies and shop windows. As good advertising photography, it meets the same basic characteristics and the same purposes. This is attracting the attention of the public, staying in their memory and, above all, encouraging the purchase of the photographed article, in this case, fashionable.

For us the image is worth a universe of words. Our lenses go where the maximum zoom takes us. From product photography, to fashion catalogs, to advertising and photographic productions, we are the “Ghostbusters” of the image, nothing escapes our machines.

Fashion photography

Zone9 Studio is a photography studio located in Toronto, specializing in fashion photography, advertising photography, product and food photos, as well as personal and corporate portraits. We serve clients such as advertising agencies, designers, stylists and companies from all over Canada. The studio has excellent facilities, with an air-conditioned environments, dressing and hair dressing room and large and comfortable spaces. In addition, it is in an easily accessible location.

In the area of production and styling, this service is ideal for catalogs and includes the choice of environments, clothing, accessories, as well as all coordination, which meet the objectives of communication of fashion photography. It also contemplates the choice of make-up, hairstyles and their execution, always bearing in mind that the product will always have the main role in the image and style presented.
Throughout my career, we’ve been offering professional services as a fashion/apparel photographer in Toronto at Zone9 Studio for more than twelve years. We’ve a great sense of style and years of experience working several companies looking for a fashion/apparel photographer to produce photographs of their products, offices or factories.

Off Figure Fashion Photography


Stunning Flat Lay Photography With Every Image

At Zone9 Studios, we put the focus on your garments. Presenting your clothes online can rapidly grow your business and boost your sales. However, to feature clothes or garment in a way that speaks for itself is an art on its own. We are helping many high-end brands to bring their garments to life. Our passion is about quality clothing photography.

Our photographers, stylists and post production team put focus on ensuring quality clothing photography is at the heart of what we do. We provide superior quality clothing images and photographs that showcase your products perfectly and provide a real commercial value to your business.

In today’s online fashion and retail world, the product appearance is a crucial part of how it sells. That is why good quality clothing photography can make your product stand out from the crowd. Being able to showcase the unique product features, quality of the material and clothing style can be easily be achieved by ghost mannequin photography.

However, ghost mannequin photography can sound easy, but it is quite a technical process and requires a certain knowledge and experience using Photoshop and other programs.

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